Local Area Network Design and Installation

A local area network, or LAN, can be a critical resource for even the smallest companies. At a very low cost per computer, we can design a basic peer-to-peer network for Windows and/or UNIX computers, which will let you share printers, disk drives, CD-ROM drives, files, and applications.

Alternatively, if you find yourself needing a little more complexity in your business network we can utilize more advanced systems using Windows NT, Novel and/or UNIX servers we can provide a true client/server network with user login authentication, user home directories, and the ability to securely share data and resources among user groups of any size. Since we are a solution based company we can purchase, install and configure all the necessary cables, hardware, and software for each server and end-user computer.

Wide Area Network Design and Installation

If you have offices in multiple locations, whether down the street or long distance, we can design and implement a network that will let you securely provide all the features of a Local Area Network to each location. It is in the Wide Area Network (WAN) environment that electronic mail, video conferencing and group-ware can provide the biggest impact, Some of the areas you can produce additional savings include telephone calls, faxes, and travel.

Using routers and either satellite or terrestrial based leased lines, we can connect your offices together saving time and money. In some cases, the most inexpensive and secure way to implement a WAN is via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the Internet. However, if you want uncompromising security and total control over your network, including centralized control over your Internet access capabilities, then this option, called a point to point or private network, can be thought of as a self contained solution with little or know Internet access depending on your preference.